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Five Star Rating Source

“Militant Eroticism is a straight forward Satanic look at the pleasure of human sexuality and fantasy. It tells the reader in that your fantasies are ok and check your guilt at the door. Humans are sexual animals and predators. It allow you to look at yourself and your relationship with others and be honest in how you interact with others when pair-bonding weither sexual or not. Its nice to see a new generation author who gets what it means to love yourself before loving others so that you can have a fun and fulfilling relationship with whomever you choose, to include how many you choose. The book is broken into small essays on varied subjects and can be easily digested over a weekend of reading pleasure. Aden Ardennes is a master of drawing the reader into the subject of each chapter as if he is sitting in the room with you. I cannot wait to see what he writes next.”

— Seth

Five Star Rating Source

“Fan-Fucking-Tastic! Not only does the Author, Aden Ardennes do a wonderfully insightful podcast for 9sense ( but he's shared his work with us in this book. I finished reading it yesterday and I gotta say, I am continuously delighted and surprised at the content Aden delivers. It's well thought out, thought provoking, and I personally think that people would truly benefit from reading, listening and contemplating Aden's work. Truly the undefiled wisdom of the Carnal Human Animal.”

— Mathew Stover

Five Star Rating Source

“In this candy coated world of sin and guilt and fear, Aden Ardennes smashes through the sugar-laced veneer and tells it like it is. Emboldening those with the carnal desires which are the namesake of what it truly means to be human, Militant Eroticism takes you on a down and dirty ride of truth, justice and deviance.

From a delightfully Satanic mind yet not just for those among the alien elite, this collection of essays, articles and rants will show you the reality of sexuality in our society and how you have been indoctrinated to feel that what you want is wrong, and bad and evil. But it just isn't so.

By extolling Responsibility to the Responsible, consensual liaisons and exchanges between adults, Aden shows you just how wonderful life can be. If only you have the fortitude inside you to let it come out…”

— Milton Cruver

Five Star Rating Source

“A witty, funny, fascinatingly graphic look at sex and relationships in the modern world—this isn't your sister's rom-com. In his collection of essays, Ardennes is unapologetically blunt and insightful on topics ranging from adultery, fetishes, open relationships, masturbation, and of course, bragging about his 2.25-inch penis. While a lot of the material is gay-themed, most of the essays are relatable by anyone with a beating, aching, sexually-charged pulse. This is a great first book and hopefully more will follow.”

— Jorge Novoa

Five Star Rating Source

“You need to read this book. Everyone needs to read this. It was smart, funny and brilliant. I couldn't put it down. Aden Ardennes is among the best writers of our time. For a first publishing, this is a masterpiece.”