Sexual Fluidity: In the Defense of Labels

Sexual Fluidity in defense of labels, heteroflexibility and homoflexibility

I like labels. I think they allow for easier communication. With one word you can address your gender, sex, sexuality, sexual interests, and a host of other elements that detail your dynamics. The issue is that labels and categories are viewed as static and dogmatic identities rather than a useful Continue Reading

Sympathy for the HIV Stigma

HIV Stigma

The Stigma as Avoidance Behavior People tend to avoid what makes them uncomfortable or fearful, what spikes their anxieties, going so far as to bar scenarios, places, and people from their daily existence.  I’m sure most of you avoid what triggers your fears and anxieties. Some fears result from a Continue Reading

Friends with Benefits as a Sexual Safe Space

Friends with Benefits as a Sexual Safe Space

  Whom do you trust with your feelings? With whom you rarely feel embarrassment? I can guarantee that it isn’t someone you’re still courting casually, an outer circle friend, or fuck buddy. I’d bet this person is a wife or husband, longterm boyfriend or girlfriend, or close and age-old friend. Continue Reading

Fetishize Your Flaws

Fetish Body Positivity Flaws

Body Positivity as Kink What physical feature are you most insecure about? If someone were to find your chubby belly attractive, would you recoil from their love of bigger people? People are generally hyper-concerned with their perceived flaws while simultaneously disavow romantic interests that may fetishize it . They insist Continue Reading